Clerk of The Legislative Assembly

Clerk of The Legislative Assembly


Special Committee to Appoint a Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

Garry Begg, MLA, Surrey–Guildford, Chair  Michael de Jong, QC, MLA, Abbotsford West, Deputy Chair




The Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is the senior permanent officer of the Legislative Assembly and holds significant procedural and organizational leadership responsibilities. The Clerk oversees the development and delivery of Assembly services and supports to Members of the Legislative Assembly, recognized caucuses, constituency offices, and parliamentary committees. The Clerk leads a highly skilled and diverse professional team of approximately 330 permanent and auxiliary employees within 14 administrative departments. The duties and responsibilities of the Clerk are set out in statute, including the provincialConstitution Act, and the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, and are outlined in greater detail in the position description available on the Committee’s website at the link below.

The primary procedural role of the Clerk is to contribute to the fulfilment of the Legislative Assembly’s constitutional and representative functions by ensuring that the Speaker, other Presiding Officers, and all Members of the Legislative Assembly are provided with non-partisan authoritative procedural advice and guidance on the interpretation and application of the Standing Orders, parliamentary practice, and parliamentary privilege. Reporting to the Legislative Assembly through the Speaker, the Clerk’s procedural and Chamber responsibilities are central to all legislative functions and operations.

Like a chief executive officer, the Clerk also holds primary responsibility for major organizational decisions, managing the overall provision of professional and operational services, and for the overall financial management of a budget of $83 million (FY 2019–20). The incumbent is responsible for reporting on administrative and financial matters to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee.

The successful applicant will be recognized as a person of integrity with in-depth highly specialized subject-matter knowledge of parliamentary rules of debate, practices and procedures, and parliamentary privilege, and their applicability to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia and its committees. The successful candidate will have significant experience serving in a senior executive role in a public sector environment and developing and implementing policies and programs, and providing strategic leadership and direction in those undertakings. The successful candidate will have a record of success as a strategic leader with the ability to establish an organizational vision and set strategic direction. The successful candidate will have exceptional communication, decision-making and interpersonal skills, and an ability to address sensitive, potentially high-profile issues. A full listing of selection criteria, including the knowledge, experience, skills, and education that the successful candidate will possess, are outlined in greater detail in the position description available on the Committee’s website at the link below.

The Clerk is appointed as a permanent officer and serves at the pleasure of the Legislative Assembly, regardless of prorogation or dissolution. Upon appointment, the salary is equal to the salary paid to a Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia. Terms and conditions of employment, including benefits, will be in line with those offered by the B.C. Public Service for Excluded Employees and Appointees.

Applications must be received by email or mail at the coordinates below no later than January 15, 2020. Although the Committee appreciates the interest of all applicants, only those who are invited for an interview will be contacted. All applications received will be held in confidence.

For further information and to view a complete position description, visit the Committee’s website at Questions and applications may be addressed to the Committee at:

Special Committee to Appoint a Clerk of the Legislative Assembly

c/o Parliamentary Committees Office

Room 224, Parliament Buildings

Victoria, B.C.  V8V 1X4

Toll Free in B.C. 1.877.428.8334

T 250.356.2933